Dugurd is a collaboration between Lava Oslo and Du Godeste. The company was established in December 2017. We started our first department restaurant Haakon in November. DEG 16 is our second department.

Our customer promise is to be one of today's highlights. We will deliver food experiences to our customers with a good combination of what Du Godeste has developed over many years, and what characterizes Lava Oslo's food philosophy.It is about offering good food that is contemporary with its focus on clean, natural and good ingredients. Some are organic, but the most important thing is that the food is produced by people who put the quality into focus. Good food is primarily made by treating the raw materials with respect and with expert knowledge. Our philosophy is therefore based on awareness based upon knowledge, raw materials and suppliers. For more information, see our website https://www.dugurdkantiner.no/omoss/.

We have the privilege of having Tomas Juan Engelstad as head chef at DEG16. He has worked at  restaurants such as Statholdergården, Restaurant Oscarsgate and Kontrast, all with 1 star in the Michelin Guide. For the past 2 years he has worked at Du Godeste's canteen at Yara International.

Ordering food for meetings is done as before through the Pronestor bookingsystem or via mail: møtemat.deg16@dugurdkantiner.no

General terms when ordering food for meetings:

  • Orders for 10 persons or more: Has to be ordered 3 days in advance before the meeting. The order will be fully charged if it is not canceled  the day before the meeting. 
  • 20 persons or more: Has to be ordered 1 week in advance before the meeting. The order will be fully charged  if it is not canceled 2 days before the meeting.
  • Smaller bookings: Have to be ordered latest at 2:00 p.m the day in advance, before the meeting. The will be fully charged if it is not canceled shortly after. Any questions regarding meetingroomservice can be directed to: deg16@dugurdkantiner.no.



From 07:00 each morning - you can enjoy delicious coffee and breakfast with a selection of fresh rolls, homemade porridge, freshly squeezed juices and freshly baked pastries. During the afternoon we change the breakfast menu with a more lunch / afternoon-oriented menu - here we can tempt you with freshly made foccacia, ciabatta, wraps and salads etc.

All milk used by the barista is organic, and we aim to increase the proportion og organic products we sell in the coffeeshop.

If you have visitors for lunch you can pay by card at coffee shop disk.

Today's Take Away menu is: Kylling Rataouille (kr.120) 

The coffee shop is open at 7am - 5pm on weekdays (Fridays until 3pm).



Lava and Du Godeste have a broad experience  hosting  all kind of different events. Lava runs many unique restaurant concepts in Oslo. For that reason we can offer the same concepts at an event. For instant we have different styles such as street food from Hichhiker, dumplings and Asian-inspired dishes from the Golden Chimp, home-made food from Smalhans, baking and pasteryes from Handwerk, Sharing plates from Sentralen Mat and exquisite dishes from Katla, made from Nordic ingredients mixed with flavors and techniques we may know from Asia and Latin America.
If you really want to stand out and host an extraordinary event, you can even hire one or several of the 4 owners in Lava. These top chefs, who are all one of a kind,  can cook as well present the food, as part of the entertainment of  the event. 
For ordering and more information contact: event@dugurdkantiner.no.

Welcome to Dugurd in DEG16!

The coffee shop is open between. 7am - 5pm on weekdays (Friday closes coffee bar at 3pm)
The coffee shop is open between. 7am - 5pm on weekdays (Friday closes coffee bar at 3pm)