Our reception staff  is present from 07:30am  to 04:30pm on all weekdays and our main priority is welcoming everyone visiting DEG16′s tenants, as well as handling and holding details about meeting room bookings. Our reception is responsible for the meeting rooms and helping to organize events in the auditorium/kitchen and on the roof terrace. If you have forgotten your access card, we can provide you with a temporary visitor/loan card. We provide lunch-access to the canteen on your access card, as well as we provide you with basic  information about DEG16.

We also accept and sign for small packages and anything else of that kind, before we pass these on to our tenants. Large deliveries are sent to our goods delivery point in the basement and these deliveries are usually made directly to our tenants. Taxi bookings can also be made by the reception.

We are always happy to oblige and provide good service, so don’t hesitate to contact us!


We use the Pronestor system for booking meeting rooms in DEG16.

DEG16′s meeting room facilities are only available for the tenants of the building and any of their employees who work on a permanent basis in DEG16. If you have any questions related to access and use of the facilities in DEG16, please contact Marit, mobile phone: 99592000, or by e-mail: mas@braatheneiendom.no

If you require assistance with booking or ordering food for meetings via Pronestor, please contact the reception at deg16@braatheneiendom.no or rest.deg16@wilberg.no for help.


Our operations personnel provide access cards to new employees, replace any cards which have been damaged/lost and activate cards every day between 09:00am  and 10: 00am. All access cards should be ordered by the main contactperson of your comapny.This can easily be done by sending a confirmation to: DEG16@braatheneiendom.no. Please contact us if you have any questions related to that, or are in  need of a new card.


Due to our safety regulation, all visitors have to sign in when they arrive. Name badges are provided to all visitors and are handed back to the reception when they leave the building. If you are expecting  a lot of external guests to lectures/meetings in the auditorium/kitchen/meeting rooms, you should submit a list containing the participants’ names and mobile phone number. Then the reception can oblige with printing namebadges in advance. You may send such lists to the reception: DEG16@braatheneiendom.no. This is particularly important for meetings/events held during the afternoons, and after buisness hours.


Braathen Eiendom wishes to provide its tenants with the best possible service and is currently developing and expanding a Full Service Concept. This means that tenants can benefit from certain services/agreements which Braathen Eiendom has arranged on behalf of its tenants. We would like to provide our tenants and users with services and help to make their everyday lives easier. You can read more about our Shared Services in the menu on the left. You are also welcome to contact Marianne for more information about this.


If you are planning an event outside office hours, please contact either the reception or Marianne. In order to safetyregulations of  the building as well as other tenants, it is important that we are involved in such planning. This gives us the oppertunaty to inform the kitchen and the security, as well organize extra cleaning if required.


All other enquiries to the reception should be submitted by e-mail to the reception at DEG16@braatheneiendom.no or made directly to Marit at mas@braatheneiendom.no.