DEG16 uses the Pronestor meeting booking system. Through this system you can also order food for meetings/events. Deadline for ordering food through the Pronestor system is at 01:00pm the day before. Orders made after the deadline or on the same day,will may apply an additional small fee.  Only tenants and their employees who work permanently at DEG16, can book and use meeting rooms using the menu on the left. Large meeting room facilities like the auditorium, kitchen and roof terrace can be booked by sending a request to the reception at (Ordinary meeting rooms can be booked 2. months in advance and large facilities 3. months in advance.) The coffebar  on the 4th floor (Cantine) is  regarded as a social mingling zone for all tenants. Due to that events can only be booked after 05:00 pm(mon-thu) and 03:00pm on fridays.  If you have any questions about using the meeting rooms and bookings, please contact the reception.

The ventilation in the auditorium and meeting rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor is turned on between 07:30am and 06:00 pm. If you hold any meetings outside these hours and need the ventilation to be turned on, please notify our operations personnel at or

Booking large facilities for events and outside guests

Meetings involving outside guests or large events held outside office hours will require service from our kitchen, security personnel in the reception throughout and extra cleaning afterwards. Large events also require waiting staff. (The service element is added automatically when you book the auditorium, kitchen or roof terrace). Large shared facilities can be booked through the reception at Current prices for security, cleaning and facilitating as well as template/guidance for events are available on request.

Alcoholic beverages

Wilberg (supplier of food and beverages in DEG16) has license to serve and sell alcoholic beverages when arranging events in our building. It is important that all tenants and users of the building are aware of the law and regulations to be followed in this respect. Please contact Chef Tomas Engelstad or Marit (Braathen Eiendom)

Meeting rooms are not staffed, so please leave them in a good state.

If you would like to lock the meeting room when taking breaks for lunch, etc. you can borrow your own key card from the reception for the required room.

The Auditorium accommodates 104 people. It is important that this is respected out of consideration towards the fire safety regulations, other tenants and visitors to the building. When ever booking the  auditorium, you should also remember to order coffee/tea from the kitchen. The auditorium can be booked (as described above) through the reception.

Meeting Rooms, 2nd floor
Meeting rooms for up to 6 people: Verdi,Mozart and Wagner
Meeting rooms for up to 8 people: Strauss and Rossini
Meeting room for up to 16 people: Puccini

Meeting Rooms, 3rd floor
Meeting rooms for up to 6 people: Bizet, Donizetti and Monteverdi
Meeting rooms for up to 8 people: Glück and Tsjajkovski
Meeting room for up to 16 people: Beethoven

KjøkkenetDEG16 ( Kitchen)


The rooftop terrace is located on the 13th floor and is accessible by using the elevator located on the northside.  If you wish to book the rooftop terrace please send a request to the reception:
It can be used for social and other types of events (up to 200 people). You can contact Marit at to find out about the options.


Braathen Eiendom is working to establish a full service concept. This includes the services described below, but we can also arrange favourable terms for fruit and flowers. Contact Marit Solheim for more information, mobile phone: 99592000, or email:


Kjøkkenet  (Kitchen) has its own coffee bar with a social zone and access to the guest network is also provided.


DEG16 has its own wireless internett “DEG16 Guest” in all common areas. Visitors and tenants can obtain internett infrormation and password at the reception.


We have our own dry cleaning arrangement  for our tenants. Clothes can be handed in and collected at the reception on Tuesdays and Fridays. A personal monthly invoice will be sent directly to your email address. Contact the reception for more information.


There are coffee machines in the reception area (for visitors) and in the meeting room area (2nd and 3rd floor). We have a favourable arrangement with a coffee supplier and tenants are welcome to avail themselves of it for coffee in their own premises.


Braathen Eiendom has a favourable arrangement for cleaning in the building, both with regard to shared areas and on behalf of tenants. Get in touch to find out about terms, or if you have any input or comments regarding cleaning in the building, please issue an e-mail to:


We have an arrangement with a small supplier of office products to provide personal service for all tenants who are interested. This is purely a service and tenants are under no obligation. Their prices are competitive.


We would like our changing rooms to be presentable and hope that everyone will help to achieve this by complying with the following:

  • The lockers are reserved for anyone engaging in exercise or cycling/running to work
  • Please send an e-mail to or if you would like a locker (all lockers should be registered.)
  • Lockers which have been registered and are being used can be locked with a padlock
  • Only 1 locker per person
  • Towels are supplied by DEG 16  and replaced every day.
  • Consumer items which are left behind in the changing room/shower area will be thrown away

Please respect others when using the changing rooms


Electrical bicycles are both enviromentally friendly and efficient. You can book one of the bicycles through Pronestor, by choosing  ”equipment”.
Contact the reception:, if you may have any other questions related to this service.


Bicycle parking is available in K1, where there is access to cycle tools as well a drying cabinet.


Braathen Eiendom has arrangements which give all  tenants beneficial discounts when visiting  local businesses, including highly advantageous hotells and conference deals, fitness (Elixia) and  restaurants. Contact  if you wish to know more about these special offers.


All other enquiries can be submitted to and will be answered by one of our receptionists.